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Welcome to this magical world of concrete art, masterpieces of amazing concrete creations!  We fabricate and install works of concrete around the world.

If you can Imagine it, We can Probably Make it. Concrete is Perfectly  Imperfect.

Welcome to CNY Concrete Countertops

Central New York’s Premier Concrete Artisans

Concrete Countertops can be designed to your specifications. Every project is unique in shape, size, color, inlays, aggregate additives and finishes. Concrete is durable, versatile and beautiful. It’s easy to understand why it’s been the material of choice by artists and builders for centuries. Concrete is a living finish with texture and irregularities. It can be mixed and molded into any shape and color to suit individual tastes and needs.
Concrete is a natural for kitchens and bathrooms. Maintenance and cleaning couldn’t be easier.  Beauty and function add value to the most important rooms in your space.

With many different finish styles.

Pressed Finish
Pressed finish is cast up side down in a mold, and appears veined. It may be tone-on-tone, with the voids created in the pressing process in-filled with a slurry paste of a matching color, or it may be finished with one or more contrasting colors filling the voids, creating a more mottled effect.

Ground and Polished 
Lightly or aggressively ground to reveal a light sand aggregate or larger marble chip aggregate depending on the extent of the diamond pad with water and grinding.

Hard Troweled

Troweled Smooth and mono-chromatic in appearance, cast right side up in a mold, and steel-troweled to lightly burnish the surface with the cream rising to the surface of the concrete slab while it is wet.

Pre-cast countertops are made in our studio and then transported and installed in your home.

Pre-cast  countertops are made in our studio and then transported and installed in your home.

Pre-Cast concrete countertops allows for virtually endless options in colors and looks.

Pre-casting concrete in a controlled environment culminates a superior concrete product. Cracking is virtually eliminated. Pre-cast counters may require seams which are like small 1/16-1/8 grout lines.

Cast in Place concrete is just that. Forms are built on top of your cabinets and the countertops are made in place.

Casting in place allows for a seamless concrete countertop. As cast in place countertops cure they shrink and some times develop hair line cracks that add character.

Custom Finish Styles

Isn’t it nice to know that it is possible to design your countertop to go with your kitchen rather than designing your kitchen to go with your countertop?

A Few FAQs

The average sized (30-60sf) concrete countertop project takes 14 to 21 business days from template to install.

Our current lead time is 8-10 weeks so schedule early!

Pre-cast concrete countertops are $125 per square foot, Cast in place concrete countertops are $150 per square foot.

Pounds of concrete produced since 2007.

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