The Process


Pre-Cast concrete is the most customizable concrete with an abundance of Finish Styes. Pre-casting concrete in a controlled environment culminates a superior concrete product. Cracking is virtually eliminated. Pre-cast counters may require seams which are like small 1/16-1/8 grout lines.., and then they are installed in your home.  Often there are multiple pieces cast to accommodate the size and shape of  Our first meeting with the client we discuss the many options that are available. Then a date is scheduled to visit the project site to measure and template the area for the concrete.  Then the templates are used to make molds and the concrete is cast.  After the concrete comes out of the molds the concrete is processed and sealed.  Once the seller is cured the concrete is delivered and installed.  This proves takes an average of 14-21 business days.

Cast in Place

Casting in place allows for a seamless concrete countertop. As cast in place countertops cure they shrink and some times develop hair line cracks that add character. Cast in place concrete countertops are made on site in place.  This option is usually chosen when seams are not desirable and/or for very large pieces or when the site has limited access.  The molds are made directly on the cabinets and the concrete is cast the n sanded and sealed.  This process typically takes three to four days. The Finish Styles are limited to hard troweled.  The concrete is trowels by hand and will have some variations in texture and color etc.