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Like leather, stone and wood materials, concrete countertops are a living surface with hairline cracks and imperfections.  It is exactly these features that make concrete the choice for many projects.

Concrete is similar to granite in terms of physical properties. It’s hard, durable and weighs about the same. It’s templated and installed like granite and very practical in heavy use areas like kitchen’s and bathrooms. The main difference is in the natural look and matte finish of concrete and the fact that it’s customizable.

Concrete countertops are highly valued by clients who appreciate natural materials, functionality and craftsmanship.

We can custom make just about any concrete item you desire for commercial or residential applications like –  reception desks, display racks, tables, chairs, sinks, stools, benches, fire pits, planters, fire place surrounds, hearths, mantels, bath tubs, shower surrounds, shower pans, tiles, panels, book shelves,   and oh yeah, countertops.